Broadcast first week

Our show has a lot of different themes. These include news, sports, politics and music. Our first show covers Super Bowl City which took place from Jan 23, to Feb 7. When covering Super Bowl City we talked of the pros and cons of having such an event and what the event exactly was. Some of the pros included great festivities and excitement while the cons included protesting by homeless people and messiness. The homeless people were protesting because the police had to remove them from the Embarcadero for the event. Although it is sad that the homeless people got driven away, from the Embarcadero, for the event, it was kind of dat was needed to make the city look good.

Next we covered my partner’s trip to Las Vegas. My partner told me that he stayed in a basic hotel and I told him all about the hotels we have stayed in and some of the attractions such as the Sky Jump at the Stratosphere and the Roller coaster at The New York New York. My partner told me that he had gone gambling at a casino and said it was a lot more exciting than the roller coaster or the Sky Jump ride which is simply repelling off the roof of the Stratosphere hotel at a speed of about 45 mph.

With regards to working at the radio station, I have many favorite aspects. These include talking on the radio, hosting my show working the equipment and staying busy. Talking on the radio is fun because I have the potential to get a lot of listeners. If I get a lot of listeners who like my show, then I will get a lot of praise. This praise would come mostly from the people that know me such as my friends and maybe roommates. Staying busy will help me in many ways. For example, it will keep me from thinking bad thoughts and give me something I like to do. Since the show is something I like, this means I will be doing something I like and receiving a grade as a side benefit.